Friday, May 27, 2011

Artistic Roots Gallery Plant and Garage Sale is Tomorrow and Sunday!

It's time...Memorial Day weekend.  With so many choices of activities, period, let alone the myriad array of yard/garage sales, why make a point to head on over to the Nold Gallery in Ashland for the Artistic Roots Plant and Garage Sale?

Because Artistic Roots needs your help.  You have probably heard that Artistic Roots is moving upstairs to the store directly next door, to give us handicapped accessibility, and to allow us to take advantage of the most excellent visibility of those beautiful display windows right on Main Street.  With every project comes challenges, however.  Moving next door involves substantial renovations in order to conform to Plymouth and State building and fire safety codes, and we have had to expend much more than we expected.  This plant/garage sale is a fun way for us all to gather together and raise some money for our big move!

Besides...we've got cool stuff, you see.  Stuff you...well, stuff you didn't even know you needed.  But you do.  I mean, who doesn't need at least one ridiculously silly hat?  But, that's the thing: only one person can leave with this particular hat.  So, you have to be here, early, to find these things.

Perhaps your work environment is humdrum.  This might help:

In addition to these necessary extras, we have loads of excellent furniture--a wonderful wooden crib, sturdy tables (none of those wibbly-wobbly jobs), as well as art supplies and craft supplies galore (we are artists, after all, so you know it's gonna be good stuff!).  Clothes and shoes and linens and childrens' toys and games, books and cookware and jewelry and the biggest pair of rollerblades you've ever seen (these babies have inflatable tires, for goodness sake!!).

No joke.

And now is the time to plant your gardens.  We have you covered there, too.  Like, nearly 500 plants of almost 50 varieties covered.  That sort of "covered."  Veggie seedlings, perennials, and more.  So if you don't need clothes or books or tables or mugs or an elephant hat, at least come for the plants.

And the cookies.  You don't want to miss those...

So, it's a done deal, right?  We'll see you at the Nold Gallery in Ashland (that's right on the main drag, left-hand side if you're coming in from Route 93, about a half-mile from the interchange).

If you really can't come this weekend, we understand.  (Just don't expect us to save you any cookies...)  You can certainly support us in other visiting our website and clicking on the "Donate" button at the lower right, which will enable you to make a tax-deductible donation via PayPal. 

But,'d miss out on the opportunity to know just what's on this cassette.  Just sayin'...

Thanks a bunch, and have a great weekend!!

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