Friday, October 7, 2011

Artistic Roots Selects New Executive Director

Cheryl Johnson will get to follow her passions again - painting and teaching.  Cheryl gets to become a regular member once more because Artistic Roots has a new Executive Director.   Her name is Monique MacIntosh and she starts this fall.

Monique is a paper artist and Coop member.  She has worked many years keeping front offices working efficiently.  She is also a writer and has experience in public information and grant writing.

While the Coop warmly welcomes Monique, it isn’t saying goodbye to Cheryl at all.  Artistic Roots will hang onto her for dear life.  Cheryl is a valuable and dedicated member.  As the Coop's first Executive Director, she successfully led the move from its old basement location to the current bigger, brighter, more accessible space.  She has also spearheaded the education and community outreach activities of the Coop by organizing classes and encouraging fellow members to share their knowledge and experience.  Cheryl loves to teach, and inspires others to get involved.

Then there are the intangibles.  With her quiet persistence, calm demeanor, good humor, creative thinking, and positive outlook, Cheryl has united the members to take the gallery from one milestone to another.  And with her characteristic grace, Cheryl has been generous with her time and money for all manner of causes related to the Coop.  After she transfers responsibility to the new ED, she still plans to stay involved with the management of the Coop by continuing to organize classes and help secure grants for key programs.

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