Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eric Johnson's Furniture -- Recent News

Old Fashioned Milk Paint Contest Winner!

Are you one of those people who can honestly say "I haven't ever won anything in my life?"  Well, we were too until last week! 

What a kick to learn that we were the winners in a Facebook contest hosted by The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company!  We won a generous credit towards milk paint by posting some photos of a variety of projects we have used their great milk paint on!  We are looking forward to having a nice supply of milk paint on hand and using it with upcoming projects. 

Milk paint
In the meantime, a big thank you to Anne and all the crew at The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company in Groton, MA!  If you need a durable and non-toxic paint that comes is a variety of beautiful historic colors and is the easiest paint you could ever want to use, we hope you will look into their American-made product!  Below you can see a sample of some projects on which we have used milk paint.


Tiger/Milk Paint Hutch

Pine Cupboard

Laker Home Article Recently Published

We recently had a very nice article written in the Home Edition of a local paper:  The Laker

Thank you to Christine Randall for the great coverage and featuring New Hampshire Craftsmen! 

Enjoy every minute of fall!

Eric & Debbie Johnson

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